It’s been HOW long?

Sheesh – I can’t believe it’s been 2 months since my last posting. Wow..there’s been a lot going on around here.

In late November we made our annual trek to SOFLA for the Lyons Family Miami Thanksgiving Extravaganza. It was a good trip, mostly because we stopped in Orlando on the way down and spent a day at Seaworld. We had such a great time – saw all the shows we missed back in May and discovered parts of the park that we didn’t even know existed. Avner had a blast and we are total Seaworld fans, now. The park is clean, the commercial aspect of it isn’t pervasive and they take obvious good care of the creatures there.

Upon returning to Tally, it was non-stop deadlines, taking turns getting colds and getting ready for the holidays. Hanukkah this year was completely Avner-centric. Between the few gifts we purchased, and those supplied by doting grandparents, aunts/uncles and cousins, we were able to do the whole 8 nights/8 gifts thing for him. Jon made the cutest wooden kitchen set, too.

Avner in the Kitchen

On a personal note, things have been getting a little better here. I’ve started walking at least every other day and I’m really starting to feel a difference. I want to lose 10 pounds by Passover and another 10 by Bead & Button. If I can get those 20 off, I’ll start work on the next 20. I CAN do this and really need to, for health and mental well-being reasons. Keep me in your thoughts and send me motivation vibes!!

Creatively I’ve been pretty busy as well. I finally got caught up on custom orders and started doing a bunch of work in polymer clay again. I got Judy Belcher’s new book (wonderful) and started working on a tessellation cane using her instructions as a guide.

Here are the component canes: Components
And the resulting complexe cane. It is about 3″ on each side and about 1.5″ thick. I’ve started reducing it and I’ll show it to you when it’s complete. tessellation

ZTA Day stuff is rolling along. I still need to order the give-away favors and check in with the committees. Registrations are starting to roll in and are picking up speed. I figure the next two weeks are going to be busy with that AND I’ve got a big work deadline as well. Don’t expect to see me online to much in the near term, but I do hope to get back here with updates more frequently.

Take care…talk soon.