Why I never would have made it on the frontier

Last week, our produce deliver from Zebra Truck Farm included a Cubash Pumpkin. Turns out this is an heirloom variety of pumpkin. It’s a pumpkin that would cause Mma Ramotswe to swoon with paroxyms of joy. Very unusual. And large..did I mention that part?

We could only fit one half at a time in the oven and it took over an hour to bake each half. Then it had to cool. And then we had to process it so it could be used for pies, muffins, and the like. This is the part where not being cut out for the frontier comes in. I love my Cuisinart. With this magical tool…this paragon of modern culinary engineering…this godsend of an appliance, I was able to turn a mountain of pumpkin into a mountain of pumpkin puree. About 21 cups of pumpkin puree, to be exact. There will be pumpkin pies, breads, and muffins in our future for months to come, I fear. I also fear another one of those suckers showing up on our doorstep, lol. We’ve been kind of inundated with squash lately – butternut, acorn and yellow. We’re about ready to squash the squash as it were.

In other news…turns out my head cold was not a head cold but a sinus infection. Lucky me, eh?