I teach a variety of classes in polymer clay, metal clay, jewelry design, and crochet. Below is a small sample of classes, but contact me about customizing a class for your needs or group.

Polymer Clay

Faux Ivory / Introduction to Mica Shift
Learn how to create faux ivory/bone and create a pendant using the ivory cane and metallic clay.

Supplies will be provided (for an extra fee) or you can bring your own:

  • 4 oz.Translucent polymer clay
  • 4 oz. polymer clay beige or ecru,
  • 2 oz white polymer clay
  • 2 oz black polymer clay
  • 4-6 oz. Premo! or Kato Polyclay in metallic gold or Fimo Soft Gold #11*
  • new clay blade or tissue slicing blade
  • craft knife (X-acto blade)
  • acrylic rod or brayer
  • needle tool or small knitting needle

If you have the ability to condition the clay before you arrive, please do so and leave the clay in sheets. Layer with waxed paper. If you do not have a clay-dedicated pasta machine, please arrive 15 minutes early to condition your clay. This will allow us to spend the entire time learning these fun techniques.
Supplies provided:

  • use of clay dedicated pasta machine
  • work surface
  • use of teacher’s texture sheets, rubber stamps, and shape templates, tools, paints, ink pads
  • written instructions


  • rubber stamps or other deeply textured surfaces
  • dye or pigment ink pads
  • basic polymer clay tool kit
  • shape cutters
  • metallic clay in copper, silver or pearl (white/blue/red/green)

*These brands/specific colors are required. The mica shift technique will not work with the glitter-based metallics produced by Fimo or Sculpey III

Introduction to Polymer Clay


  • Intrigued by Color?
  • Looking to create beads at home without a torch or kiln?
  • Addicted to DIY and Craft Shows?
  • Looking for another outlet for your creativity?

Learn about the properties of polymer clay, tools & safety, color mixing, and how to make basic millefiore canes that are the foundation for all polymer clay artists. You will learn to combine these basics into more complex designs and walk away from this class with beads or a pendant that YOU designed, from start to finish.

All the supplies you need will be provided and the basic kit of clay and tools is yours to take home! In addition, you will receive handouts containing the information covered in class, helpful hints, and online resources. During class you will have access to the instructor’s extensive collection of texture sheets, shape cutters, tools and other supplies. Fee for the class is $75.

About the Instructor

Barbara Forbes-Lyons has been involved in jewelry making and related creative pursuits for over 30 years. In addition to polymer clay, Barbara works with beads of all sizes, wire, silver clay and fibers, often combining all of these items into a single item.

Feel free to contact me with any questions about the class itself: