5 AM is not fun (Oct 13)

Last night was a disaster – Jon and I both though Kol Nidre started at 730 PM. It started at 7 PM and that meant that Jon didn’t get to eat dinner and I cooked this entire huge meal for Avner (and me, too, I guess). Oh, and Avner didn’t nap at school yesterday, again. We don’t know what is going on. We didn’t even have the advantage of him falling asleep early last night, either.

Well, the kidlet was up at 5 AM this morning and, true to form, wouldn’t lay still in our bed and threw a fit when placed back into his room. I finally gave up trying to fall back to sleep and got up for good around 630 AM. Packed A’s lunch, gave him some breakfast and shuttled him off to school.

Jon’s dressed in his Yom Kippur whites, looking like some sort of deranged ice cream salesman and just left for Yom Kippur services.

On the good side – Candace’s baking soda suggestion seemed to work. I’m doing a second, dry, application now. With luck we can be back in our own bed by tomorrow.