Clay, Glorious Clay!

Had a fantastic weekend! I squeezed in several HOURS of polymer clay time and played with a couple of new techniques. If you haven’t tried Linda Hess’ new technique using Skinner blend logs and a wavy cutter, you really need to. Way cool. As soon as I get the sanding finished, I’ll post some pics in my gallery.

In other news..managed to sneak in a nap on Saturday and Sunday, felt so good. Also had a lovely time at Food Glorious Food with some ZTA sisters, just hanging out on the patio, eating scruummy desserts and yakking. We took DS to see Ice Age II on Sunday and it was very funny – better than the first one, IMO. I think, however, Jon and I were the only two folks to get the Oliver! gag, but no matter, we enjoyed it and it was even funnier listening to DS sing “Food, glorious food!” over and over again.

Walked Sunday and today. In fact, took Babes out for a stroll while Jon had Bubba at the vet for a look-see. Turns out the old boy has arthritis and will need injections for the next few weeks (not cheap) and doggie NSAIDs when needed. But, he’s feelling better already, so we’ll work out how to pay for it and just go with the flow.

Have a great week – I’m off to get some work done. If I’m scarce over the next few days, it’s only because I’m working hard and doing beady things instead of talking about them.