So much….

The online (and offline!) craft world is just goin’ nuts right now. So much to see…do…learn…hard to know where to start.

Here’s my top ten list of current events that I think everyone should check out.

  1. ACREs of Opportunity: the NPCG will offer booth space to three artists looking to jumpstart or expand their wholesale business. Items must be made primarily of polymer clay.
  2. Synergy Conference from the NPCG. Artists that cross mediums..networking…Gallery Exhibits…the ACC show…it’s going to be amazing. Registration opens October 1. Git yerself ready grrlz n’ boyz.
  3. Want some hands-on time before Synergy? Check out the Cabin Fever Clay Festival.
  4. Want MORE hands-on time before or after Synergy? Keep an eye on the Artway site for some amazing class opportunties.
  5. Want a mixed media hands on event, with a lot of clay thrown in? Try the Creative Palette event in Georgia. Details coming soon.
  6. Can’t make it to Baltimore in February? How about a Florida Fandango in March?
  7. How about a cruise? Or two? Or three?
  8. Want to stay on dry land? How about Milwaukee in June?
  9. How about some metal clay in 2008?
  10. Want to create something special in Mexico?