Starting off the New Year

My First Book

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DH and DS are out of town for the week, so I’m getting a lot done, lol. Besides cleaning, organizing and eating red meat, I am getting some creative time in.

I spent entirely too much time last night watching Jon & Kate Plus 8 on TLC. Now, I only have one kid, so I can’t really imagine what it must be like to have 8. I know that I don’t handle stress well at all, but honestly, I just want to slap Kate sometimes for the way she tries to control every little freaking detail. Here’s a clue: if your kids spend the day at Disney and are sticky and filthy, no-one really cares. The only difference between your kids and the other 5000 in the park that day is the fact that you are being followed around by a camera crew.

The other reason this kind of thing bothered me so much is that I saw much too much of ME there. Talk about reality TV, eh?

So, while I don’t really believe in classic New Year resolutions, I do hope to accomplish the following things over the coming year. In no particular order, here you go:

* Get my butt in the chair and create art
* Believe in myself
* Believe that others love me and I am deserving of that love
* Continue to exercise regularly
* Learn what happiness is, or at least fake it better.
* Stop trying to control every portion of my family’s life
* Do more for myself
* Explore other career options
* Be gracious
* Be more tolerant (except for stupid people, sorry)
* Follow through
* Rediscover the kind of friend I used to be
* Make a friend, not just another good acquaintance

Will I be able to do all these things? It’s a pretty tall order and there are a lot of obstacles. Check back in a couple of weeks and see where the path leads me.