Dinner Tonight: May 5, 2009

Compliments of Gourmet Magazine, February 2009:

I found that the spice rub needed a tad more oil to fully incorporate the dry spices. It also didn’t seem to cover the onions, so I tossed in a few more shakes of the spices to get the onions covered. I roasted at 475 in our convection oven for about 45 min. Juicy and very tasty. Definitely being added to the repetoire.

Very tasty – I used dry roasted cashews (Planters) and this was an especially big hit with our son (age 6). Also great for a party and I can see this being equally as tasty served room temp on a buffet. I may try with asparagus spears in the near future.

  • Steamed corn on the cob

All in all, a great dinner, if not Latin themed in honor of Cinco de Mayo. We’re doing that tomorrow night, lol.