Toddlers with 12 hours of sleep (Oct 12)

Avner didn’t nap yesterday at school. He fell asleep in the car on the way home. The sitter woke him up around 730 to eat and bathe and he fell back asleep. Thing is, when a toddler has had about 12 hours of sleep, they are up at 530 AM. So…guess what time I was up today.

To add to my crappy mood, I figured out why the bed smelled funny last night. It appears that one of the animals peed on it while we were gone. Probably Babes, since she’s the only on that will sleep on the bed and it wasn’t the right smell to be cat pee. And the comforter just came back from the cleaners the day before we left for Miami. Sheets are in the wash and comforter is back at the cleaners. However, I need to figure out how to get the smell out of the mattress. I’m NOT going to spend another night (knowingly) sleeping in dog pee. Of course, Jon is grousing because he doesn’t want me to sleep up in the guest room tonight. His fear is that I’ll never come back to our room. It’s not my fault I sleep better alone.

Noone better fuck with me at work today – they’ll get their head handed to them on a platter and my resignation shoved up their ass.

Oh – and we finally got to see Serenity last night. It kicked butt.