Immersed in Clay (Nov 11)

Today I took a class with Jeffrey Lloyd Dever today.

Holy F’ing Deity!!

Aiping Yeh and Jane Zhao were my class, too. Wow – they do some amazing work and both are featured (along with Jeff and many others) in Lark’s 400 Polymer Clay Objects book.

I also met a few folks off the PCC forum on Delphi – Ernie, Jana, and Lynne Schwarzenberg. Ernie was in my class, too. She’s a hoot!!

So many talented people here – truly, amazingly blessed with talent. I saw, but did not meet, Donna Kato. Julia Sober and Diane Villano are here, but I haven’t met up with them yet. Tomorrow night is the dinner with Carol Duvall (not like I’ll actually get to talk to her), but there will be about 150 people at the dinner, so I shouldn’t lack for company.

Off to bed…I’m bushed!