More Whining

My throat hurts. A lot. Good news is that I forced myself to stop working after I got the DM Extensions chapter done and got a good night’s sleep.

I’m back at it this morning. Coffee tastes weird. I think I’ll switch to tea and take some more ibuprofen.

Send good thoughts my way!!

I hate deadlines

It seems no matter how hard I work, when deadline week comes, all bets are off.

As Aeryn Sun would say “FRELL!”

And I’m getting sick, too. Throat is kind of scratchy and hurts and the sudden increase in humidity isn’t helping the sinuses much, either.

I think I may make a Starbucks run for a mocha. So there. Ha!

Things that make you go hmmm.

So, I’m installing software and reading the November issue of Family Fun mag while I wait. Lots of ads – the usual gamut of toys, Disney, food, etc.

There’s an ad for Pediasure nutritional drink. It says “Goes where broccoli doesn’t”. And my first thought was, they’re right! This crap goes in the garbage and the broccoli goes in my son.

Mama – 1, Ad exec – 0