Things that make you go hmmm.

So, I’m installing software and reading the November issue of Family Fun mag while I wait. Lots of ads – the usual gamut of toys, Disney, food, etc.

There’s an ad for Pediasure nutritional drink. It says “Goes where broccoli doesn’t”. And my first thought was, they’re right! This crap goes in the garbage and the broccoli goes in my son.

Mama – 1, Ad exec – 0

The Party’s Over (Nov. 13)

Or..only just beginning, depending on your point of view.

So..Clayquest has ended and I’m in my hotel room, pretty well rested for a change. Yeah!

I am so…recharged..joyful…there aren’t enough words. I’ve taken classes with some of the best and brightest in the polymer clay/mixed media world. I’ve seen demos by Lisa Pavelka , Donna Kato and Rob Yost . I’ve made some new friends – and not just ‘we took a class together’ friends, but people that I really feel will be with me for a long time to come. I got to ‘talk clay’ with some of the most amazing teachers and clayers: Julia Sober , Louise Cozzi , Barbara McGuire , Marla Frankenberg , Lynne Ann Schwarzenberg, Jana Roberts Benzon , Jeffrey Dever (see link in previous blog entry)- not to mention all the wonderfully creative people in my classes.

Anyways – I have so much more to write, but right now I’m going to get dressed and get out of here to go home!!

Immersed in Clay (Nov 11)

Today I took a class with Jeffrey Lloyd Dever today.

Holy F’ing Deity!!

Aiping Yeh and Jane Zhao were my class, too. Wow – they do some amazing work and both are featured (along with Jeff and many others) in Lark’s 400 Polymer Clay Objects book.

I also met a few folks off the PCC forum on Delphi – Ernie, Jana, and Lynne Schwarzenberg. Ernie was in my class, too. She’s a hoot!!

So many talented people here – truly, amazingly blessed with talent. I saw, but did not meet, Donna Kato. Julia Sober and Diane Villano are here, but I haven’t met up with them yet. Tomorrow night is the dinner with Carol Duvall (not like I’ll actually get to talk to her), but there will be about 150 people at the dinner, so I shouldn’t lack for company.

Off to bed…I’m bushed!