It’s never what you think it is…

Woke up Friday and my jaw (of all things) was killing me. By Friday night, my throat felt weird, like I had something stuck in it and if that wasn’t enough, by 2 AM my ear was joining in the fun, too.

When it got to the point on Saturday that my neck hurt so bad, I couldn’t stand it any more and was eyeing the Percoset in the medicine cabinet, I called my doc and then headed over to the doc-in-the-box place for a look-see. Silly me thought it was an ear infection. I should only be so lucky, lol.  Turns out I have an ulcer in my throat, near the spot where my tonsils used to exist. It’s about 4mm and surrounded by inflamed tissue.

Now I’m less than joyfully taking Prednisone for this, and downing Advil & Tylenol for the pain. Doc assured me that I should feel much better in 48-72 hours. I’m waiting. But for now, I’m dealing with steroid induced heartburn and insomnia. I guess the good side of all this is that I’m getting caught up on ZTA Day stuff and should actually get to buckle down and get some work (for my job!) done tomorrow.