Back in the Saddle Again… (Oct 17)

Well, had a pretty good weekend this time around. Lots of folks have notices that I’ve been in a bit of a funk lately. OK, OK, more than a ‘bit’. Anyways. I think I may have rediscovered my coping strategies and found some support hidden in areas that were, until recently, unknown to me.

Like James Brown says: I feel good. (badabadabadaba!)

Went to the Down on the Street bead show on Saturday in Havana. Wasn’t as extensive of a show as it was in April. Lots of finished jewelry this time, which is fine for most people. But hell, I’m a beader. I make stuff. Show me the beads! Did pick up some charlottes to finish out a project and got a very small pair of lampwork beads from Turtle Moon. Man, she had some wonderful things – including a bunch of stuff with bright enamel powders.

On Sunday, we didn’t have a sitter, so we decided that neither of us would go to Adult Ed that day. Instead, we decided to have an impromptu picnic with Avner at the park. It was fun running around with him and eating al fresco. It was something we all needed.

Sunday afternoon I had the annual Chai Tea with the Sisterhood group from the synagogue. Usual planning rigamarole. My Roasted Garlic Artichoke Dip was a big hit. Had some nice converstations with folks. Actually felt wanted for a change, not like a fifth wheel.

Oh, and I found my old VCR tape of the first 3 Wallace & Gromit animated shorts. Watched them with Avner on Sunday night while Jon was at his Exec. Board meeting. Hee hee hee..another one corrupted.

I do like a bit of gorganzola….!

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