Tuesday in Tallahassee

Well..I’ve managed to go for a walk 2 days in a row now. Only a mile per walk, but my goal is to walk at least 6 days this week. It feels good to be moving again and with luck, next week I can do two miles per walk and start taking the dogs with me in the AM.

I’ve been trying very hard to not fall too deep into the black pit of my mind, but I’m not always successful. I’m a constant work in progress, lol.

Tom Brokaw gave the commencement speech at Florida State University this past weekend. What he wrote is among the most inspiring (and well-written) speeches that I’ve ever read. Seriously – this ranks right up there with JFK and FDR’s inauguration speeches, IMO.

Mr. Brokaw was also honored with an honorary degree for his ongoing support of FSU’s Institute on World War II.

Of course, with commencement comes the days that Tallahasseeans love the most – the students have left for the summer! And this is the last week of legislative session, too. Sine Die* should be on Friday and the legislators and lobbyist will leave en masse.

We’re already seeing some of the Southern Magnolias beginning to bloom and the local honeysuckle vines are going full-force (woe to those with pollen allergies). Still, the air is sweet, the temperatures are moderate and we’ve been able to turn off the a/c for a few days.

Over the weekend we picked up a compost bin on the cheap. The county was offering Earthmachine bins for $30 (retail $80). It was worth standing in line for 2 hours-seriously. Saw lots of friends and even made a new one. Hey Ghita! We’ve already started filling up the bin and in a few weeks we should have some lovely compost to spread over the garden. Speaking of…the jalapeno and tomato plants are starting to bloom. They’ll probably drop the first blooms, but the second set should set fruit. Fresh salsa here we come.

Have a great day!

*refer to Adjournment Sine Die

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