The links lists in the sidebar were getting out of hand, so I moved them into a static page. Still not the best solution, but until I can redesign the template OR find a links management app that I like, it will do for now.

I started having a scratchy throat on the way home from Toronto on Thursday. It has since developed into a full-blown summer cold. Blech. Throat hurts, I’m drippy and congested and generally feel like hammered doo-doo.

In other news…we took Avner to see Seussical (The Musical) yesterday at the Tallahassee Little Theatre. It was very good and some of the performers had outstanding voices. Reminded me why I used to do so much community theatre. Performances continue through July 23. Grab someone young, or young at heart, and go see it!

OK…I’m off to get some hot tea with honey. Check back with you later!