Dinners this week: Simple and Homemade

We’ve managed to eat in pretty much all week. Nothing terribly exotic, mind you, but here is a catch-up posting for the week:

Saturday: We marinated a batch of chicken drumsticks in sundried tomato vinaigrette and Jon grilled them outside along with ears of (really) fresh sweet corn. Salad rounded it all out.

Sunday: Had a long day in the yard, at the movies and doing errands. Out for pizza!

Monday: Turkey meatloaf, mashed potatoes, steamed sugar snap peas

Tuesday: Chicken-Feta Tabbouleh, fruit salad, green beans sauteed with shallots and pecans

Wednesday: Jon’s Chicken Gumbo, fruit salad, crackers

Thursday: Jon’s out at Chamber of Commerce Business After Hours, so I’ll probably do pancakes and turkey sausage for me and the kidlet

Friday: Chicken Stir-fry is planned….with steamed brown rice

Saturday: If the weather holds, we’re going to smoke/grill some salmon. I’ll probably toss on a packet of potatoes, Vidalia onions and LOTS of garlic and rosemary.