Immersed in Clay (Nov 11)

Today I took a class with Jeffrey Lloyd Dever today.

Holy F’ing Deity!!

Aiping Yeh and Jane Zhao were my class, too. Wow – they do some amazing work and both are featured (along with Jeff and many others) in Lark’s 400 Polymer Clay Objects book.

I also met a few folks off the PCC forum on Delphi – Ernie, Jana, and Lynne Schwarzenberg. Ernie was in my class, too. She’s a hoot!!

So many talented people here – truly, amazingly blessed with talent. I saw, but did not meet, Donna Kato. Julia Sober and Diane Villano are here, but I haven’t met up with them yet. Tomorrow night is the dinner with Carol Duvall (not like I’ll actually get to talk to her), but there will be about 150 people at the dinner, so I shouldn’t lack for company.

Off to bed…I’m bushed!

Like Nailing Jell-o to a Tree.. (Nov. 4)

That’s how I describe my deadlines for work these days. Originally my deadline was today..then it got moved to November 18th…as of this morning, it may be moved to the after Thanksgiving. I’m still shooting for 11/18, because I’m NOT working over my vacation, again.

Went to bead group last night and had a good time. I’m still plugging away at my ‘fire’ themed necklace. I really want to get it completed so I can wear it next Friday night to the ClayQuest dinner with Carol Duvall. I dorky is that, lol.

Tomorrow I’m taking a daytrip to the big outlet mall in Sandestin, FL with some work friends. Should be a great day!

A mile or two in my shoes (Nov. 2)

Well, this whole time-change messing up Avner’s sleeping schedule does have some advantages. I was able to get up this AM, check work email, make A’s breakfast & lunch and then took the dogs (one at a time) around the neighborhood for a brisk walk in the gorgeous Autumn weather. Except for the neighbor that lets her pesky Boston Terrier run loose, it was a great way to start the day and I feel fantastic, if a bit sweaty.

My plan is to continue with this type of thing and I’m also buying my co-worker’s treadmill, which will be good for rainy days and evenings.

I’ve got a pot of red beans in the slow cooker for tonight’s Ode to N’Awlins dinner (red beans & rice), lol. I need to find a recipe for homemade turkey kielbasa/smoked sausage. There’s so much salt in the commercial stuff – blech!

I’m off to finish my indexing chores and then incorporate the critical updates to the Installation Guide that I”m working with today. I have application integration tasks for the User’s Guide that need to be in by Friday. The big updates to the User Guide will be on hold until the 6.0.1 release – no time to get them in beforehand.

Later y’all!