Easy breezy days of…fall? (Oct 24)

So, Wilma is paying a visit to our friends to the south and as a result, it was in the 40s and breezy this morning when we got up. Felt VERY good. It’s been beastly hot here and it was so nice to turn off the a/c this weekend, finally.

In other news..got a doohickey for my car that lets me play my iPod through the car stereo. I love birthday money, lol.

Had a pretty good weekend overall. We painted the second base for my new desk, swept out the garage, did laundry, took Avner to see Aliens of the Deep at the IMAX and had dinner at home both Saturday and Sunday.

Got word on Saturday that one of my ClayQuest classes got cancelled. Yeah, I could have just gotten a refund, but I figured since I agonized over what classes to take early on, this was an opportunity to revisit the issue. Besides, I’m committed to the hotel room for Saturday night and I can still hang out and see the demos and whatnot on Saturday. Pricewise, it’s about the same for the 3/4 day class I was going to take, so it’s a good value, imo.

I decided that I’ll take Louise Fisher Cozzi’s class, as I think it will give me a good foundation in working with translucents, inks, paints and texturing. I really liked Ellen Marshall’s surface design class, but it looks like the same projects that are in her book, and the book’s instructions look pretty clear-cut. I had hoped that Diane’s class was still open, but it appears to be sold out. Durn- I would have liked to take her caning in one color session. Maybe next year at B&B.

Oh, and I got my polymer clay art doll back from the bead store contest. I’ll find out on Thursday if I won or placed or whatver. After I take it to Clayquest (folks have asked to see it), then I’ll ship it up to my Mom who wants it for her den wall. Mom has good taste in art and has started collecting art dolls, so I’m taking this as a compliment.

Lastly, if our DSL line ever un-f*cks itself and allows me to access my own email, I’m going to send out a long letter to some friends regarding my recent bad run of depression. I think I owe everyone an explanation. I’ve been hiding and that’s not good. Turtle needs to come out of its shell. Watch out world!

I don’t have nuthin’ on Joseph (Oct. 21)

To paraphrase..last night I had the strangest dream.

I dreamt that we were evacuating the planet and I didn’t want to leave because I had finally gotten my closet organized and it looked so good. I snuck off the escape vessel and went back to my house to get my digital camera and took pictures of the closet.

This dream repeated all night. All I gotta say is that in my dreams, I really like minimalist closets.

Oh, and don’t tell this to your husband during lunch at the Vietnamese restaurant. They are apt to embarass you with their laughing.

I’m Stuffed (Oct. 18)

I spent the better part of yesterday getting the Florida ZTA Day information packets together. Creating forms…pdfs…burning data to 35 CDs. Making multiple runs to Staples for copies.

So…it’s 630 PM and I”m getting ready to (finally) sit down and stuff & address all the envelopes and Vicki calls me. She found a typo on the front page of the registration packet. CRAP!!! I make yet another trip to Staples for copies. Then I have to go through 35 collated copies and replace the offending page. And upload a new copy to the website. Good news is that they are ALL in the mail. Yippee for me.

And I just now realized that the copy of the document on the CD is wrong. Insert expletive here.

I’m off to email the contact list and let them know about it. Darnitalltoheck.