Bead & Button – My Day #1

Had two really great classes today – Stephanie Sersich’s Spiny Knotted Bracelet was wonderful and I *almost* got it finished. I’ll take care of that on Friday, my off day. She’s a lovely young woman, very talented and the technique she taught is so adaptable.

Class #2 was Diane Villano’s Basketweave Beads – way cool and it was so helpful having a teacher walk me/us through the steps. Had one of those classic ‘comes the dawn’ moments and I’m very proud of what I accomplished in her class.

Met some very nice folks today, including a few Internet friends like Jan G from New Zealand!

Tomorrow is my metal clay class and I’m heading to bed early – class is at 8 AM. YAWN.

2 thoughts to “Bead & Button – My Day #1”

  1. So now that you’re all recovered from Bead & Button, what do you think was your favorite moment?

  2. I think I have many favorite moments from this show. Probably the #1 moment was torch firing my metal clay book pendant components, #2 was applying patina to those components (and assembling into a final piece).

    My favorite polymer clay moment was the “AHA!” moment in Diane Villano’s Basketweave Cane class. I’m a pretty bright person, but this cane baffled me (using online instructions), yet Diane’s examples made it so clear and it just gelled for me.

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