I’m back to walking in the mornings – even with my knee giving me grief. It seems to help it, so I’ll continue on. This morning’s weather was just glorious! The heat has broken and it was cool and not so humid and it made the walk so enjoyable.

We were able to turn off the air conditioner this morning, too – whoo hoo!

The past few weeks of hot, humid and rainy weather has resulted in a bumper crop of toadstools in the neighborhood. I mean, everyone has got them! Here’s one I saw today that was particularly pretty and snapped the shot with my cell phone:

I also snapped this pic of a morning glory – they grow wild around here.

Have a glorious day, everyone!

2 thoughts to “Glorious!”

  1. ooo walking and cool temps. same thing is happening ehre. we did get to turn the AC off and open windows, but had to close them and turn it back on cause there is a humongous fire up int he mountains and we are getting the smoke.

    so wassup with the knee? Mine is cracking and popping bad and I am in PT for it. My patella is tracking off…so if pt doesn’t work it is a lateral release. The McConnal taping is helping some….less grinding but still a few pops. might help yours.

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