I Like My Gift Bags Cute, Crafty and Cheap

Today was the last day of school and, as usual, I was scurrying around the craft room making gifts for the teachers.  Also per usual, I was out of suitably sized gift bags in which to package the teacher goodies, so off to JoAnn I went!  Naturally, I headed over to the paper gift supplies, but then on my way up to the registers, noticed the Busy Kids Kids Camp display and 3-packs of mini tote bags for $1! Compared to 2.99 for 5 paper bags, it was an easy decision to make. The paper bags went back to the display and 2 packs of the mini totes went in my basket. Of course, why stop there…a quick pass through the buttons aisle netted me a bag of these big basic buttons from Favorite Findings.

Once home, I grabbed my stash of craft thread, a tapestry needle and set up a small-scale tote bag modification factory.

I used contrasting thread colors, doubled, to sew the buttons onto the totes, just below the top hem. I liked the bulky look of two passes with the thread, but you can do whatever suits your tastes.

Next, I created a loop closure on the opposite side of the tote bag. Since this area would take more abuse, I placed the thread through the hem for added stability. The length of the loop was roughly two times the button diameter. Just enough to go around it, but not too loose that it would fall off. Be sure to place the knots on the inside of the bag and a simple overhand knot is all you need.

When you’re done, you’ve got an inexpensive, crafty and reusable tote bag for your gifts!

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