Some observations…

  • Half & half will make bad coffee good, and good coffee, great.
  • Au jus cannot help poorly prepared brisket.
  • Country Griddlecakes from IHOP are da bomb.
  • Hashbrowns at Village Inn are better than IHOP’s.
  • My homemade homefries are better than either place’s hashbrowns.
  • For a Midwesterner, I make damn good cheese grits.
  • Rock shrimp are not worth the work it takes to shell them. Shell ’em for me if you want me to eat them!
  • I didn’t ask for your opinion – I want a chocolate malt made with mint chip ice cream. With extra malt. A lot extra.
  • No matter how many times you tell the guy behind the counter to add more malt powder, it’s never enough.
  • Trust me – do not get the whole smoked turkey from Penn Dutch.
  • It is worth it to cook your own pumpkin, freeze it, strain it and make your own pies.

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