The Muse is back, with a vengeance

Nothing like a deadline to inspire creativity, eh?

The bead store wants samples of my polymer clay work to display as an advertisement for my upcoming class. So, ever since we got back from vacation I’ve been down in my ‘studio’ area, claying up a storm. Using Kato Polyclay I made up a bunch of samples for my class and discovered why folks have been talking up this clay! Wow – it’s very dense, cures rock-hard and the colors stay true. My only complaint is that the colors, when mixed, seem to be a bit on the dull side. I made some purple that was pretty ‘blah’. I lightened it up with some white so that you could tell that it was purple. I think I need to invest in more colors of the clay and then experiment further with variations. Anyways – I made a few stripe canes in various forms, some different bullseye canes and a few spirals as well. Combined the basic bullseye into a flower and made some floral themed charms. Also a couple of cool beads and a ‘landscape’ pendant/magnet with a VERY simple flower against a Skinner blend background. I also became a ‘true’ clayer and covered some of my tool handles with clay.

In the realm of ‘why not try it’ projects, I did manage to create my first mokume gane and ghost image (mica shift) pieces, two pillow beads, another swirly lentil, and a tiny sculpted rose on a stem with leaves. I spent last night sanding..and sanding…and sanding some more. I need to finish rigging up the liner for my tumbler so I can just use that for sanding. I think I sanded the fingerprints off my fingers!

Tonight’s theme is BUFFING.

As usual, pics to follow!

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