Whoosh…there goes the weekend

veggies pictureIt was one of those amazingly productive weekends at the Lyons house. The kind of weekend that, by the time 10 PM rolls around on Sunday, you are astounded by the fact that not only is the laundry finished, but folded and put away. The dishwasher is finished (for the third time that day) and you can collapse blissfully into bed, secure in the knowledge that you won’t have to do more than iron a blouse and pack the kidlet’s lunch in the morning.

So, what happened with the Lyons family this past weekend. I’m glad you asked. Here goes (and don’t say I didn’t warn you)!


  • Slept in until 8:45 AM (thank you Tivo Kids Zone)
  • Went to the farmer’s market and purchased patty pan and yellow squash, red bell peppers, japanese eggplant, organic locally grown heirloom tomatoes, organic locally grown garlic, okra, pole beans, a gallon bag of pesticide free blueberries, and locally grown oyster mushrooms.
  • Took A to the Brogan museum where we met up with friends (and their kids). Afterwards we went tout to Chik-Fil-A for lunch.
  • Dropped of my slacks for hemming.
  • Took A with a haircut and dropped him off at home with Jon.
  • Got a pedicure.
  • Did Family Movie Night (Wall.E rocks, btw) and Pizza.
  • Started laundry.
  • Knocked a couple of hours off the Tivo with Jon.


  • Continued the Laundry Battle.
  • Did the breakfast dishes.
  • Made 7 half-pint jars of blueberry jam.
  • Did the lunch dishes.
  • Took a two hour nap (whee!)
  • Picked up dog- and cat food.
  • Picked up more sugar and a lemon at Publix.
  • Made a blueberry pie.
  • Made squash casserole, oven-fried tilapia, and oyster mushrooms for dinner.
  • Cleaned up the dinner dishes.
  • Finished laundry.
  • Watched the news and CBS Sunday Morning.
  • Went to bed!

Add to all this the fact that Jon got a few hours in the wood shop and A got bike- and scooter practice, not to mention playtime with his parents.

I’m exhausted just reading this. I think I need a Hostess Cupcake.

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