10 lessons from the world of butt-ugly

Lesson 1: What seems to be a good idea in your head and on paper, doesn’t always translate to clay.

Lesson 2: No matter how well you measure, the number of cane slices needed to cover the box will not work out right and you will have gaps.

Lesson 3: From a design perspective, filling in the gaps with contrasting cane slices does not really work.

Lesson 4: Lisa Pavelka’s PolyBonder is amazingly strong stuff. Really. That clay is NEVER going to move. Never.

Lesson 5: I can make the ugliest covered box on the planet, admit that it is ugly, and throw it out without the slightest regret. Even DH, my biggest cheerleader, admitted that it lacked a certain aesthetic.

Lesson 6: Buy more PolyBonder.

Lesson 7: I love my clay gun extruder setup.

Lesson 8: I actually like making teensy little balls of clay and poking them will a ball stylus – makes a really cool organic texture!

Lesson 9: Must make more kalidescope canes

Lesson 10: When all else fails, try swirly lentil beads again. And again. And again. Hey, it worked!

Pics to follow…

Oh, and I started covering the handles of some hors d’ouvre silverware with clay and I think that’s going to work out, too.

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