I try to be a tolerant person, I really do. But there are times when even the most tolerant and accepting person says ‘enough’. I’m having one of those days. Here’s how I see it – there are a lot of different religions in the world. They make most people happy and in my eyes, there isn’t one that is really any better than the other. What I can no longer tolerate are the people that feel that if you aren’t the same religion as they are, there is not only something wrong with you, but you must be inherently evil or something.

Come on people, get a freakin’ clue. Your holier-than-thou attitude isn’t, well, very holy is it? You want to follow the fantasy writings of a bunch of ancient men, fine. Don’t expect me to do the same and DO NOT condemn me for my choice. If I choose to pray to a turnip, then that’s my choice. Why should it bother you? I’m also sick and tired of your proselytizing, evangelizing, and attempts to control politics. Politics should be religion-neutral. The last few times religion controlled the goverment, a lot of people died. Remember the Holocaust, Inquisition, Intifada and the Crusades? So, cut it out, will ya?

Has anyone seen my turnip?

holy turnip!

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