What to do with all that chicken

We love soup, and with everyone being sick lately, I’ve been making a lot if it. However, a family can only eat so much chicken salad before there is a revolt.

Enter my old friend, the 365 Ways to Cook Chicken cookbook. Chicken & Rice Loaf with Mushroom Sauce was a great way to use up cooked chicken and rice. It’s kind of old-fashioned (think chicken croquettes), but was tasty, filling and NOT chicken salad. About the only tweaks I’d make is adding a bit of onion flavor and using large, not extra large, eggs. The extra moisture from the larger eggs increased the baking time by about 15 minutes.

The mushroom sauce called for beef broth, but I subbed chicken broth like usual. Veggie broth would work well, too.

I could even see replacing the chicken with veggies, tofu, or another vegetarian protein for a meatless dinner. Regardless, we now have another use for leftover soup chicken and that makes this home cook very happy indeed.


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