Erev Rosh Hashanah Menu

Erev Rosh Hashanah is a special time at our house. My parents are visiting from Wisconsin, so it’s even more precious this year.

We invited a small number of friends this year, and everyone had a great time.

So, onto the good stuff- the menu!!

• Egg salad & crackers
Jon’s Famous Chicken soup (with matzo balls)
• Sweet challah with raisins & dried apples
• Apples & Tupelo Honey
• Aunt Sandy’s Fruited Pot Roast (with mixed dried fruit, carrots, onions, sweet & white potatoes)
• Smoked Duck a la Jon
• Potato & carrot tsimmes (a sweet roast of carrots, sweet & white potatoes, dried fruits and fresh-squeezed orange juice)
• Edamame succotash (Debbie!)
• Israeli chopped salad (Debbie again)
• Fruit salad (David & Barb!)
• My mom’s excellent baked goods – brownies, honey cake, chocolate chip date cake, and 7 Layer Bars

It was a FEAST and we’re stuffed. We’re also exhausted, lol, so we are heading to bed!

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